Friday, October 9, 2009

Waterfalls, Kitty Walks & Moss..An Autumn Adventure

My day started once again with Kiska begging to go outside, even though it was more than uninviting with its cool, crisp wind and drizzles of rain. I had previously collected several glass items at a local thrift store in hopes of finding the perfect vase for a moss terrarium. Not only had I found one, but two lovely glass vases. So, with that at hand, I had to agree with Kiska that this was to be the day that we venture. Also being that you never know when the last decent day of fall will be here in Alaska. The snow is not far away! She and I ventured two whole blocks away to Twin Lakes, which holds the most beautiful waterfall where I knew I could certainly find the perfect little moss patches for our new terrariums.

How wonderful would it be to live here?

baby terrariums <3

I put this one up because I have the exact same glass vase!

I will try to get the pictures of our finished terrariums up here soon!
Hope you all had a lovely Friday..

~Doodle Bird Designs on Etsy(Terrarium 1), Tortoise Loves Donkey on Etsy(Terrarium 2) & Mossopotamia on Etsy(Terrarium 3)


trishiekoh says:
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i love that 2nd's magical!