Sunday, February 20, 2011


So I've got quite a bit to catch you up on. To begin with, I'm in Ireland.. and it is LOVELY. I was in Dublin for the first day and then quickly got lost on the countryside somewhere in Laois. It is absolutely beautiful.. This is a picture outside my bedroom window of what I wake up to every morning:

Newtown Farm is a dairy farm.. so needless to say the work it tough. Milking 130 cows morning and evening every day. Peter, the farm owner, does a great job of hosting when not working.

My first mornin' on Newtown Farm started bright & early with jumping into a van having to learn how to drive a stick shift left handed on the wrong side of the road. Then muckin´up the most shite I've seen in my life,but then also got to walk the fields finding new calves and teaching them to nurse. Now I'm enjoying a second breakfast of "Luxury Fruit Porridge" before I head out riding. The sun is a shinin' & life is good.