Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scandinavian Travels

Images: Faroe Islands

Tomorrow we head to Copenhagen, Denmark for a week where Lonnie will meet with Danish publishers on translating his book, Life on Ice: 25 Years of Arctic Exploration.

From Denmark I will then take a two day ferry to the Faroe Islands which are approximately half way between Iceland and Scotland. Here the sheep outnumber people. All 48,000 of them. Any point you are standing on the islands you are never more than 3 miles from the ocean and the people speak Faroese(pronounced Fairies). What more could you possible ask for in a get-away?

I'm not sure what I'll do there for a solid month. The greatest distance measures 73 miles from North to South on the Faroe Islands. They make their living off of fishing and sheep farming. 

It rains around 280 days out of the year which should leave plenty of time to journal, read, visit with the locals and eat some of that tasty Skerpikjøt(dried mutton that has been hung for over a year and is eaten raw).

If I haven't completely turned your stomach in the thought of visiting my "ultimate dream destination" then be sure to check out